M&Z Furniture

M&Z Furniture was founded in 1989. With decades of development, M&Z has become one of the biggest furniture manufacturers in China. “Create unique experiences”, with this mission we continually improve our production line with cutting-edge automation system pursuing to create the best quality, environmental friendly, energy-saving products. Our product covers: home, office, hotel furniture, customized furniture and household appliances.
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Brand Course

  • 1989Set sail
  • 1996Take off
  • 2019Future

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My Story With M&Z

Life, flows without noticing every moment. Home, the ubiquitous companionship brings a ray of warmth. M&Z cares about you and your care about.


Childhood-Colorful Memories

It is a time to start a dream, gradually towards the beginning of a beautiful life. The sewing machine had been a memory. Radio had been replaced by TV. Only memory remains.


Quality Witness of the Times

With the development of Reform and Opening-up Policy , the domestic economy has shown a rapid momentum, the family's living standards improved significantly in the face of the market continuing to emerge in a variety of goods, mutual recommendation among the neighborhood marked that M&Z had integrated into the people’s daily life.


We know you well, because we’re always on your side

We enjoy the splendid world outside, but occasionally feel loss of ourselves, the sense of peace becomes very precious. The world and fashion are changing constantly, but the firm choice of M&Z never changes…

This is my story with M&Z, fantastic love story
linked with my life inseparably.