M&Z Furniture---Integrity 315, All For Customers

Time /2017-03-10    /722188

From the foundation of M&Z in 1989, with the business vision “to build the excellent performance management enterprise in China, to create first-class furniture brand throughout the world, M&Z devotes to delivering the comfortable and cozy M&Z Life Style to every citizens through furniture products. After long years development, M&Z concept becomes clearer.


For customers, the year of 2017 is destined to be a year renovating their lifestyle, we specially invite famous Asian actress Christy Chung as our lifestyle experience officer, after which, experience root in everyone’s heart. Except for product functional display, stronger taste and style of products also catch everyone’s eyes.


In the future, M&Z provides not only products, but also the concretization of M&Z lifestyle, one-stop service solution of overall house to provide every customer with whole house furniture, customize every space and layout of house, whole design and service of color match, product match, interior decoration and etc.

Seeing the severe homogenization of furniture market, the competition is rather fierce, service, has become a vital way to connect with customers. Customers know M&Z for years must understand that Customer First is never a slogan, it is a real thing M&Z is doing from the very beginning. It is the first standard of enterprise judgment, and also the reflection of enterprise responsibility. Consumer awareness grows clear, then enterprises can keep self-introspecting themselves all the time, and keep providing complete product service and after-sale service.

A new trip is beginning, M&Z will still lead unique experience as mission, use excellent products and service to win customers’ hearts.