2016 South Asia Cooperation (Chengdu) Dialogue, M&Z Leading “Made In Chongzhou”

Time /2016-11-03    /6430704

November 3th, 2016, 2016 South Asia Cooperation (Chengdu) Dialogue was held in Chongzhou City, as an important member of Chengdu manufacturers, On behalf of Chongzhou furniture companies, M&Z made a recommendation on the meeting.



 In the afternoon, the mayor of Chengdu Municipal and city representatives from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other South Asian countries, as well as Chinese and foreign enterprises, business representatives, nearly 200 people attended the meeting. Promotion focused on the theme of "Chongzhou manufacturing, marching into South Asia". M&Z shared the influence of Chongzhou manufacturing and strength. Ms. Zhu Xiaoping, Chief utive Officer of M&Z signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of Chongzhou Furniture Association with Bangladesh Home furniture Production Import and Export Association. Opened a new chapter of Chongzhou furniture to South Asia.